The Punch House offers expert boxing lessons and intense training for any fitness level. Take any class or choose a personal trainer after assessing your fitness level and skills with our fitness assessments. Our trainers will make a program that’s perfect for you and will push you to reach your fitness goals. Our program comes complete with nutrition and exercise advice and your guaranteed to receive quality boxing combinations whit our mitt work in the ring. You will be motivated and with every punch you’ll be burning calories and loosing inches on your way to getting Ultimate Fitness Training. Unlimited Classes and Personal training sessions are available for purchase at any Punch House. We strongly recommend our program for those who are looking to step up their workouts and take it to the next level.

Everyone is an athlete but the only difference is that some of us are in training and others are not. You’re always in training at The Punch House. The Punch House is known for “Ultimate Fitness Training” in a Fun, Safe, & Highly Motivated Atmosphere. The Punch House Trainers will teach you real techniques of a Boxer or MMA Fighter along with an intense (Cross-Fit Style) Strength Training routine.


Our vision is to help people reach their personal fitness goals while providing them with the skills that may potentially save their lives if they are ever put in a dangerous situation. We plan to grow our family and share our core values while expanding throughout the Mid-West, then Nationally.The Punch House Staff will push the envelope and get you out of your comfort level while helping you build Stamina, Strength, & Self Confidence.You can easily burn over 1000 calories by taking any 1 hour beginner class, advanced class, or personal training session at The Punch House!